Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Maintenance of Hot Water Boiler

Long time plumber and pipefitter, Jeff Bishop describes how he repaired my 30-year old hot water boiler located at 500 Lebaum St. SE.

Jeff also showed the rust grime that came out of the boiler.

Seven years ago, Jeff installed the radiators in the basement.

This house is profiled in my blog: RUNIN Anacostia.

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Sunday, September 26, 2010

The Long Living Boiler

Jeff Bishop had to flush out the boiler and radiators today. The person who soldered the pipes for the HW heater did a messy job.  The sweating was unprofessional.  So Jeff came to provide advice.

Jeff came in and flushed the pipes for the boiler.  This boiler is likely 25-30 years old.  Few contractors understand hot water heat.   They can lat 50 years with proper controls and maintenance.

 A major drawback is that central air conditioning cannot be installed without a seperate air handler and ductwork which is a huge expense. Ultimately these factors should be reflected in the value of the home. Central air conditioning is almost a given in 2007 where it didn't exist in 1955.

A water boiler feeds radiators as opposed to the boiler that heats air.

Not staying cherry red.  When gas hits it it lights.  Jeff did find out there was a problem with the thermocouple (which costs less than $10).  Then he realized that it was the valve.

Next he had to flush out the radiators.  He charged $300 for the flush and another $300 for the repair.

Monday, September 20, 2010