Thursday, May 22, 2008

Stanton Gets a Rooflift

One thing I've experienced often is roof leaks. I've had it in Galveston and Stanton as well as MLK.

One thing I've done over and over again is patch up the roof with roof patching compound especially around the chimney -- and like a boat, I keep on throwing money at it.

My patience was running thin and I felt I needed to take care of my tenants who didn't appreciate calling me about water dripping from the ceiling after a big rain storm.

So, I finally broke down and decided to go ahead and shop around.

As expected, I went to Hector Navas (who did an ingenious job with Galveston and Martin Luther King Ave )

Hector is a pro and can command great prices. But since money was tight, I had to negotiate for the best price or go looking elsewhere.

I checked prices on Angie's List and Craigslist.

Finally Hector came back with the best price possible. He knew I was a repeat customer, and he knew that I would treat him well. Likewise, he would do a fantastic job ensuring my roof replacement was complete and would never leak again, as long as I was alive or the house sold.

and hired Hector Navas to redo my roof. He did it for $4,000 including replacing the bad plyboard. Apparently, the roof was extremely old and some of the plywood had rotten.

The $4,000 was recorded as an accounts payable (just like the water bill for Galveston) for me and as an accounts receivable for Hector, since I did not pay him until the work was fully completed.

For the back end of the roof, Hector installed the rubber roofing membrane than coated it with aluminum roof coating -- looks super clean.

The rubber compound and aluminum paint in the back and addition.

Here is the house with the new roof. Looks like a champ and I'm enjoying the house